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Supporters Code of Conduct


Beacons FC is committed to the safeguarding of every child’s welfare. We support the FA’s Respect programme to ensure football can be enjoyed by everyone in a safe and positive setting. We provide safe, friendly and fun surroundings for our children to grow and learn in a sporting environment.

The FA identified that behaviour was the biggest concern of the game. This includes both the abuse to match officials and unacceptable behaviour by over-competitive parents, coaches and spectators on the sideline. The FA’s Respect programme is aimed at tackling unacceptable behaviour across the whole game.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the spectators they bring to matches and are asked to behave in a manner set out below to protect the welfare of the children. Anyone not adhering to the code will result in action set out in the clubs disciplinary procedure.

What we expect of you…

We will ensure that supporters:

Remain outside the field of play and behind the designated spectator area (where provided)

Do not engage in offensive, abusive or insulting language

Never use aggressive or violent behaviour

Respect the match official decisions

Let the Coach / Manager do their job and not confuse players by telling them what to do.

Never criticise a player for making a mistake, mistakes are part of learning

Encourage Players to respect the opposition and match officials

Applaud good effort and good play as well as success

Remember children play for fun

We would also like you to report any incidents or concerns about any child’s well being to a club official or the club’s child welfare officer.

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