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Player Code of Conduct

Beacons we will provide you with…

Beacons FC will provide you with a safe environment to learn about football. We will coach and support you so that you have a fun and enjoyable experience while you develop and do the best you can.

At Beacons we want everyone to be safe and happy. We want everyone to have fun and to enjoy playing for our teams. If you don’t feel safe, speak to your manager or another Beacons coach.

What we expect of you…

So that everyone can have fun, there are rules you need to follow when playing for Beacons. If the rules are broken you may face match bans or be asked to leave the team.

We ask you to:

Try your best – always

Be a team player – even if my team is losing

Shake hands with the other team at the end of the game

Play fairly

Listen to my coach / manager

Respect match officials

Not cheat or waste time

Not swear or use bad language

Not hit, punch, kick or be violent in any other way towards others

Not call people names or be unkind to others

Not sulk

We would also like you to talk to someone if you are unhappy about anything in the club (for example your parent/guardian, coach or the club’s child welfare officer).

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