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Child Welfare and Safeguarding

Beacons FC is committed to the safeguarding and welfare of every child in the club.

The Child Welfare Officer ensures that all Government policies and agendas are being met by the club. The Child Welfare Officer is responsible for making sure that all relevant training and clearance has been given to everyone involved and ensuring the club understands and meets its responsibilities.

The Child Welfare Officer looks after any concerns that may arise with a child and has been trained to deal with sensitive issues. The welfare officer ensures all Child protection policies; guidance and practice are delivered safely and will involve any agencies if needed to protect a child’s welfare.

What you can expect from your Child Welfare officer

The parent / guardian can:

· Report an adverse incident

· Report bullying

· Raise concerns about another child in the club

· Report or raise a concern about untoward behaviour towards a child

· Make a complaint

· Query club policy or procedures

· Report suspected abuse

· Report ‘near misses’

The child can raise concerns if they:

· Feel they are being bullied

· Witness bullying

· Feels that they are being treated unfairly

· Worried about something in the club

· Worried about home life

· Feeling unsafe

· Experience something that has made them feel uncomfortable

Club officials will:

· Report adverse incidents

· Report bullying

· Report or raise concern about untoward behaviour towards a child

· Question policy or procedure

· Request support in their role

· Report suspected abuse

· Report near misses

The CWO may contact you if they have concerns about you or:

· Your child’s behaviour

· You have breached the code of conduct

· They need more information in event of witnessing an adverse incident

Informal discussions can be carried out over the phone or in a meeting and a resolution met locally.

More serious discussions will take place with other officials from the club and an outline of action taken will be given in line with the disciplinary policy or child protection policy.

Confidentiality will be respected and met to the point of duty of care.

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